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The Term "Business Cybernetics" has been introduced by

Dr. Srinivas Jammalamadaka for the frist time in 2002.

After investigating on this for nearly 9 years the detailed structure and the scientific theory of Business Cybernetics has been explained in a book which will be published shortly.

Are you searching for solution and ways to improve your business? 

Todays economy is versatile & dynamic. Market forces drive the pace of innovations and forces companies to re-act to such changes.  

A global economic view is very important and a service oriented approach with proper data analysis and data management.

Empirical analysis and scientific concepts can help to understand business process & potential improvements by shading light on the right spot.

International team work and unification of skills helps to improve our clients' business in a cost and time effective way.



[March, 2005]

A member of PMI.

[Jan, 2004]

Member of IEEE Computer Society and Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society.


The Book about Business Cybernetics will be published.

Cost reduction and increasing revenue are not done by considering only manufacturing processes but also service processes. Services take a great share in todays market. A business does not run because of a product but rather because of services, such as internal and external services in a company.

PSA Solution

The processes in services are different from those in manufacturing.  

Workflow Management

The flow of business processes can be streamlined and managed by workflows.

PSA is a new emerging field that gives answers needed by the service and service driven industry. This is the way to  service-oriented approach.

PSA solution provides fast response time, flexibility & transparency.

Mind Manager & Business Maps

We are certified partner of Mindjet germany & do offer problem oriented training.

Mind Manager or more suitable Business Maps will help to enfold creative power. Without restriction and limitation one can do Brainstorming & develop ideas in team work which result in action plans. 

Business Maps helps;

      Salesforce Automation Design & Concept

      Improves CRM transparency as well as data quality

      Project Management

            Build a Risk Management Plan

            Build Project Scope

            Developing Resource Plan

            Creating Work Breakdown Structure

Our Mindjet Certifications



Database Marketing,

Campaign Management

Data Management

Data Cleansing

Data Transformation

Data Analysis

Data Warehouse

Business Intelligence

Business Process Optimization

Analytical CRM

Outsourcing & Offshore

Database Marketing, Campaign Management


Our Sales and Marketing Solution 

Workflow Management

The flow of business processes can be streamlined and

managed by workflows.

  Data Management

  Data Cleansing

  Data Transformation 

  Data Analysis




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